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New Years Eve 2017 – 2018

A few years ago a friend told me “What you wear on New Years Eve is the last thing you will be wearing for the year and the first thing you will be wearing for the next year” I have never really thought about that! Since then I have been making sure that I am wearing a cute outfit so that I can end the year off good and start the new year on a good note!

Since I am finally old enough to drink (19 in Canada) I decided I wanted to go out for dinner and then go to a bar. I thought to myself, I need a cute outfit but I was not too sure what I wanted to wear! While Christmas shopping I came across these cute tan/brown shoes that I thought would look perfect to go out for the night.

Normally, I don’t pick out my shoes first but this pair of shoes called to me! Mainly because they were on sale LOL. They were on sale because the store I got them from is going out of business (Sears). The shoes were on sale 50% off I believe, so I paid $30 which I think is a steel! LOL

I then found this navy blue velvet dress that I fell in love with! The best part about it was that it goes will with my shoes. I also like that it is a flowing dress and not formfitting. I am very self conscious when I wear formfitting things so this dress was perfect! The dress is also from Sears, and was 50% off so i paid $20 dollars for it.

I then went out Shopping again after Christmas because I had more money, and I went to a store called Maurices. All the stores had there Boxing Day sales on and I found this lightweight brown leather jacket for $20, regularly $90 dollars! (This was the best deal I had found while Boxing Day shopping) This jacket goes great with my shoes and it also goes great with the dress!








Now for jewelry, All the jewelry I got was from Ardenes which they always have a deal 3 for $10. So obviously I had to go there to pick out my jewelry. I decided to go with gold because navy blue and gold go really well together! So I got a cuff bracelet, HUGE hoop earrings, and a choker neckless.

On a night out I always go for a clutch because its just easier to handle. My clutch is actually my grandmothers, she gave it to me to borrow for the night! It is black and gold, so the gold will match my jewelry. You probably have heard that you are not supposed to wear black and brown together. I honestly do not understand the rule because they also say that black matches with anything. I am all for black and brown going together!


~xo Makayla



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